Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Treasure Hunt

This is our Late Night Stamper treasure hunt for Fall of 2012 


You have from now to October 31, 2012 to gather up 50 clues and email them to me ( to be entered in a drawing for $150 worth of Stampin' Up! supplies from the lovely Sherrill Graff. 
  Not all the blogs will have a clue and some of the clues may be hidden under other posts. You will know if they are participating because you will see this picture.(at top of post)

Find 50 clues and email them to me for your chance to win $150.00 in free stamps or merchandise.  Just visit some of the blogs whose links are in the post below.

My Clue:
Tabletop Paper Cutter
Get precise and superior straight cuts.
 Tabletop Paper Cutter - by Stampin' Up!

E-mail me after you have collected 50 clues

(list the clues and where you got them in your e-mail)

and I'll enter you into my Fall treasure hunt give-a-way
Drawing to be held October 31st 2012

winner will be notified by e-mail

Those playing along:

Aimee Cretsinger
Andi Potler
Angel Hawks
Angela Khan
Angela Walters
Anne Marie Hile
Bea Redd
Belinda Tubby
Beth Fesperman
Bev Gomez
Brenda Hugar
Brenda Rigby Riehle
Brittny Smith
Candy Rattray
Carole Bryson
Carolyn Bennett
Carolyn Dobie
Carolyn Garland
Carri McMullen
CarrollAnn Davis
Cathy Parlitsis
Chris Austin
Christine Crutcher
Cindee Wilkinson
Cindy Elam
Cindy Waldroff
Connie Babbert
Connie Plaumann
Cristy Butzen
Cynthia Mundie
Dale Morin
Dawn Hoffman
Dawn Johnson
DeAnna Passmore
Deborah Smart
Dee Yates
Denise Donald
Denise Foor
Diana Soling
Dixie Finn
Doris Fryman
Elin Kovash
Elizabeth Harris
Ellyn Wenzler
France Hannon
Gail Peterson
Georgia Smith
Ginger Morgan
Glenda Witt
Heidi Michel
Heidi Sorg
Heidi Weaver
Jackie Watson
Jacqueline Nimrichter
Jade Lynn
Jamie Albanese
Jan Mata
Jane Dexter
Jane Giggy
Janet Yates
Janice Heigway
Jayne Stenstrom
Jeannie Bushman
Jennifer Ward
Joni Metras 
Judith Oveson
Julie Arvin
Julie Fields
June Reister
Karel Standish
Karen Trelfa
Kari Karlin
Karin Biefeld
Katherine Roberts
Kathleen Innes
Kathryne Knowles
Kathy Thisted
Katie Burke
KellyJean Gettelfinger
Keri Blake
Kimberly Morris
Kimberly Sudol
Kirsteen Gill
Kivonne Tucker
Kris Sobolik
Kristi Kelly
Kylie Clemmence
Laura Ann Avera
Laura Bement-Jaroscak
Laurie Gibson
Laurie Reaume
Leanna Kerr
LeAnne Pugliese
Leonie Schroder
Leslie Lendon from England
Libby Dyson
Lillian Mederak
Linda Heller
Linda Rodenberg
Lisa Bowell
Lisa Cadwell
Lisa Coffey
Lori Witt
Lucia Gammon
Lydia Jimenez
Marcee Rodgers
Margaret Stares
Maria Matonti
Maria Vanderform
Marie Shaughnessy
Mary Ann Reiner
Mary Brown
Mary Campbell
Mary Davidson
Mary Director
Melva Peters
Michelle Montague
Miriam Permut
Nancy Amato
Nancy Dawson
Nancy Seed
Nikki Sapien
Patti McDermott
Patty Hargrove
Patty Mickle
Peggy Rosche Outen
Penny Hanuszak
Penny Silva
Phyllis Strickland
Raissa Spatola
Rhonda Nelson
Robbie Rubala
Robin Feicht
Sandi Dailey
Sandi MacIver
Sandy Fleming
Sandy Murphy
Sara Bracht
Shallon Vickers
Sharon Maranich
Shelly Peck
Sherrill Graff
Siara Acdal
Stacy Royster
Stephanie Gibson
Sue Root
Susan Carlson
Susie Reno
Tammy Davis
Tanya Bell (stampin t)
Teri Brown
Terri Antoniw
Terry Montgomery
Terry Sudduth Duncan
Tina Davis
Tina Munzke
Tobie Dreiling
Traci Tracy
Trini Hurtado
Trish Cortez
Twila Davis
TX JennyWren
Valerie Sabarese
Vickie Cobler
Virginia Megin Gallagher
Wendy Cranford
Yvette Ashe
Mary Campbell My Stampin Up website:


lisa808 said...

Thanks for the fun. I just sent you an E-mail with my list.

Brenda Rigby Riehle said...

So glad you're participating in the Treasure Hunt too. I just stopped over from Stampin' Connection to check our your blog, and it looks great -- you're right those grandbabies are prevcious!! I'm your newest follower, and I hope you'll stop to visit and follow me too.

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